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Welcome to my revised site, now reduced following my retirement. Across the top you can see the links to the main sections, which are explained below:

Personal Information - This section has information about me and also includes some family photos and other resources.

Consulting - Until December 31, 2014 I operated a corporation for my consulting business. The consulting section of this site tells how I helped clients and managed the practice. Helpful white papers and other materials are also offered. While based in South Bend, Indiana, I served businesses and non-profits by offering management, marketing and communications, and fund raising advice and services. My career turned to work as a full-time non-profit administrator and fund raiser in 2000, until my retirement from full-time work in 2014. While I can now accept occasional consulting projects and accept placement for interim foundation management assistance, the corporation is closed. This part of my site shows how I operated my business.

Fountain Pens - We all need a good hobby and for my wife and me this involved collecting fountain pens. For about 25 years, starting in the days of packet mail on the internet, I moderated a free international mailing list called the "Zoss Pens List." This was for pen collectors and helped hundreds of collectors of writing instruments and related materials to discuss pens, sell and trade, and enjoy their hobby or business using the power of the internet. When we closed it down others kept a cloned version going until August 2021. There is now a version on FaceBook for those who wish to continue the dialogue. Click here for the ZOSS PEN LIST.

This site has grown to reflect and support many other interests. Drill down through the site - I hope you find some surprises. Have fun!

Thomas Zoss
3431 S. Weeping Willow Way, Bloomington, Indiana 47403 USA
Tel/Text 812-345-1924 E-mail to Tom Zoss

Skype "tomzoss" | Twitter @ThomasZoss

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